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We offer wide range of electronic components, spare parts & accessories. Our partners - wellknown in Europe and world companies. Through us you can order from assortment offered by them.

Goods presence not in real time and periodicaly updated. The exact information on presence and the actual price can be received by phone or e-mail.

The goods are divided in two categories - "article for preorder" from catalogues, and on what usually available. The goods, which codes have image - "article for preorder" in the presence of instructions "In stock" - at present available in a warehouse of our supplier.

All product prices specified in EUR (Euro) and contain VAT 20%.

Specified at website product  prices valid only for products that we have on local stock. Please ask us for quotation before ordering "Out of stock" products.

The prices for the goods in a category "article for preorder" are valid only for the preorder at term of delivery from "3-days up to 4-weeks".

At the order from both categories please inform us, whether you wish to receive the goods all at once or accept partial order. In this case we will send you invoice for the full amount or separate invoices on reordered and on the goods sent at once is exposed.

How to buy?

Please register, fill all correct - then press *Continue*.

Registration is necessary for convenience of teamwork with you. The given registration are not transferred to the third parties except cases established by the legislation.

If you are company outside from Estonia - we ask you to inform us yours VAT number. In this case the VAT will be subtracted from goods cost. Delivery is carried out by delivery by mail, and also on the terms of DDU and EXW, at cost of the order exceeding the amount defined by customs conditions - registration of the export declaration is carried out.

Serigo Elektroonika does not take up the obligation and does not bear responsibility for registration of customs formalities and other risks, payment of duties and the other gathering arising at import in the country of the customer/buyer.

On the stated example you can familiarize with registration/registration procedure in brief.

After registration end will appear confirmation and to e-mail specified by you the message will come.

Right after it you can start purchases. You can choose language or currency if necessary in the menu.

The goods can be chosen from the list having chosen a category interesting you or the manufacturer at the left in the menu, or using the quick find or advanced search.

The goods in the list can be sorted chosing filter - "Name", "Price", "Manufacturer", "Brand".

For purchase realization it is necessary to bring the goods in a basket, using an button and specifying a necessary quantity.

Out of stock articles also can be added to cart. in this case article will be backordered for you.

In a case if the minimum quantity for purchase is limited - in a basket it will be impossible to place a smaller quantity of the goods for the order.

Please pay attention - the correct price for unit, the minimum quantity for purchase/order, and discounts depending on a quantity - are specified directly on page of the concrete item.

After a choice of the necessary goods you can pass directly to purchase/order registration, if necessary having corrected the list of the goods directly in a basket.

Use trash button for the goods which you want to remove from the Cart.

If you wish to change only quantity - enter a desirable quantity and use the button "Update Cart".

To continue registration of purchase/order press the button "Proceed to checkout" and pass to a way of delivery of the bought/ordered goods convenient for you.

For delivery of the goods outside from Estonia used Estonian post. That is - Standard international registered package. 

Shipping prices in EUR for standard international registered package, VAT included

weight zone I zone II
up to 250gr  12.80 14.20
from 250gr up to 500gr 15.40 20.20
from 500gr up to 1kg 19.00 27.40
from 1kg up to 2kg 25.00 37.00


zone I : Austria, Belgia, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia,
Luxemburg, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraina, Hungary, Belorussia, Russia

zone II : all other countries

Choose a shipping method approaching for you from the list, and press "Continue".

Choose a payment method approaching for you from the list, and press "Continue".

Confirm your purchase/order , press  "Place order".

Orders issued with delivery are carried out after payment receipt on settlement account Serigo Elektroonika.

Orders and purchases issued by clients being outside from Estonia are paid by bank transfer to the settlement account, or through payment system PayPal on the basis of the exposed invoice.

Please do not make any transfers without having invoice from us.

The goods are the subject of priority sale on first come orders and are reserved only for the term of expectation of receipt of payment, also in case of registration of the order from available stock and reordered goods, and under the separate request.

In case of registration of the order/purchase and no payments for a current of 7 (seven) days - the invoice will be cancelled and the goods comes back to a sale.

Claims on return or an exchange of the bought goods are accepted in established by the legislation of Estonia an order and under the mutual arrangement with the customer within 14 days. Serigo Elektroonika does not compensate expenses on returns and a miscellaneous cost arising with shipments and returns.

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